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I actually thought i already reviewed this, but I guess not, so let's get into it!

It was a pleasant read, this book. Easy to read as well. Low stakes, some could say. Perhaps, but not all Young Adult novels have to center on the chosen one averting global apocalypse. It's a worthwhile book for young readers, in my opinion. It focuses more on issues that arise in everyday life and includes some tucked-away but useful advice!

This book was so cute! It was enjoyable. I really liked the two main characters. Of course, I would have liked to have seen more of Chip's life since everything was from Zack's perspective, but I liked what we got to see. Zack starts as a somewhat pretentious bastard who is only focused on being captain of his school's soccer team, but as the book progresses (and as he gets closer to Chip) he realizes that other things are important to him. That is, begins to find MarinScience and his friends. Chip is adorable and his passion for animals and the environment makes him even more adorable. And I loved how he softened towards Zack throughout the book.

This book is a feel-good story and I can't wait to read more of Robbie Weber's work.
Again, this would be a great Netflix movie or series of his.