A cute summer romance

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Zack is a soccer star on his high school team, loved by pretty much everyone, and he's a guy who cares a lot about other people too. Especially his team, which is why he takes the fall for his upperclassman, who executed a distasteful prank on another school. As punishment, he has to do community service and isn't allowed back on the team for a while, but there's a silver lining. By volunteering at the Marine Institute, he gets to spend time with Chip, a guy he had a meet cute with facilitated by his dog. A guy who he instantly falls for, but who thinks, along with everyone else, that he did that awful prank...

Loved the progression of the story, and I loved the writing as well--the dialogue in particular. I like what the author did with the antagonist in the story as well. Also Zack and Chip were extremely cute and their relationship developed into something really special. It's exactly what I wanted out of a YA contemporary romance.