89: I Like Me Better

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The Good

A. Low stakes/lightness of story- I have felt that many romances lean more on the realistic contemporary side and come off heavy so having an actually soft/light romance is rare (and positive).

B. Romcom moments- it had a few situations of high jinks and hilarity.

The Meh

Was I sold on the romance?

The Bad

A. Low stakes – it felt like we were floating from moment to moment at times.

B. There were many conflicts robbed of their big blow up (maybe the big blow up is considered toxic, I don’t know).

C. Disconnect from characters because they would appear then not appear for chapters, so it seemed like we really did not get the chance to know these characters.


I. Punishment & what people deserve then for them to not be guilty

II. Is the story too light for me? Am I too much of a realistic contemporary drama mess reader?

II. Just comments

A. I was sick of everyone thinking the worst of Zack.

B. Where are all the adults? Where is the coach he appeared for five minutes then yelled about them (the players) stopping him from vacation (dude you been on vacation for majority of this book).

C. Do you think Zack was selfish? Do you think he needed to apologize as much as he did?