3.75/5 stars!

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3.75/5! This was such a beautiful queer YA story. I love the enemies-to-romance vibes that this story has. It was sweet and Zack and Chip were cute in their attempts to avoid falling for each other. There were a lot of places where the story promoted character development and the concept of finding yourself. These were important but I felt could have been handled with a bit more depth. There were points in the story where I had to suspend belief. Like the language and style of how teenagers speak didn't feel accurate throughout the story. But if you can set that aside, the story was a sweet, simple, story of two boys falling in love. This is the type of world where queer identity is just naturally accepted, which was wonderful to see, even as it wasn't the most believable. Overall, I just really enjoyed this story and think anyone who enjoys queer YA romances should give it a chance.