Three Stars

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Like many people, I read Forman's If I Stay series not long after its release and immediately fell in love with her storytelling and characters. I was wary after finding this novel has three main characters, but all three characters were intriguing enough that I found myself not minding at all. I'm not a fan of /how/ this story was told, as I tend to read stories that span over weeks and are a bit slower paced as opposed to this book, which is all taking place in a single day. This book was kind of an emotional gut punch at times, and was really difficult at times, but it was a good read that I'm glad I read. My biggest complaint, however, is how unfinished their story was. I'm not sure if the author was planning for a follow-up or not, but I feel like it definitely should.

Overall, I Have Lost My Way was a heart-wrenching read with three compelling, complicated characters, and I hope to read more from the author!