This was really good!

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This really was such a good book! I have become quite the Gayle Forman fan! I love If I Stay and it's follow up Where She Went. I've also read her book I Was Here and it too was really good! I've really enjoyed her characters and the dramatic, emotional stories that she tells... So to be honest, I had high expectations for this book! And let me tell you, it did not disappoint! I'm not always a huge fan of books with multiple perspectives, especially if the author can't write the voices different enough to really distinguish the characters. I Have Lost My Way was told from the perspective of 3 characters and their stories were told really well. I didn't have trouble following and I thought all their voices sounded realistic. The story was emotional, exciting, touching and heartfelt. I really, really enjoyed it! If you enjoy Contemporary YA books, you should consider checking this one out!