Really enjoyed this book.

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Freya is 19 years old and on the verge of becoming a singing star when she loses her voice. Nothing helps her regain it and now she wonders where she fits in this world and who will love her. Her father left when she was young, Freya and her sister Sabrina don’t speak any longer, her mother is trying to control her life through her singing career.

Harun is a Muslim and gay. He was raised with lots of love in his family, but he lives a lie every day and doesn’t know how to tell them his secret. He feels he doesn’t belong plans to run away from it all after his boyfriend James breaks up with him.

Nathaniel doesn’t know who he is, he believes he is invisible to everyone and considers taking his life. At first I thought maybe he was Autistic, but as I read on I realized that he is the product of his father who truly never grew up.

The 3 meet in Central Park by sheer accident and become intertwined with each other like long lost souls. This is a beautiful book about fast friendship, learning to trust and believing in yourself.