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Another "all in one day" book from Ms. Forman, who I hope tries something different with her next young adult novel.

I Have Lost My Way is about Freya, who is hoping to become a star singer, but who has (of course) lost her voice, Nathaniel, who is a loner who is used to only spending time with his dad, and Harun, who is torn between following his heart and what his family wants.

All three meet in New York and in the course of a day (with flashbacks to give the characters backstory) they bond and learn. It's not a message book, but it's obvious what's going to happen.

You can guess because the story is as predictable from the start as the writing, though to be fair, the writing elevates this by-the-numbers story with its lyricism.

Having said that, decent writing can't elevate a story that feels all too familiar. I Have Lost My Way plays it safe, and that's why it fails to be as effective as it wants to be.