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The cover in itself got my attention because it says girl power all over it. One of my favorite movies in High school was center stage, a classic. During covid I practiced ballet in my room. I didn't know I needed another ballet book since I read Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen. I read this book right before covid and let myself dream about going to japan and seeing the ballet scene IRL.

Covid changed a lot and I had to settle with ballet dvds and videos but this book has giving me motivation to get back into doing more movement and challenging myself. I def think that it can be that inspo for others and highly recommend this book to other aspiring dancers. It is hard jumping into something that others have had the privilege to do their whole life and Laure Mesny has the main girl energy to get what she wants even if she had to work harder for it <3<3<3