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The dedication reads, "To those who find freedom in becoming a monster when denied the space to be human," and that sets the tone for the rest of the book. We follow Laurence "Laure" Mesny as she makes a pact with a God–offering up herself for power.

Overall, this is a wonderful book, with all the things you would expect of a wonderful book. The writing is beautiful, often feeling like a dance, with elegant language and powerful quotes.The characters are dynamic, filled with imperfect people and strong motives. The horror is striking and the plot is engaging.

What makes this book stand out is its' exploration of themes. Class and race issues permeate the book. Everyone around Laure, who is a poor black girl, feels entitled to things that Laure is, arguably, more deserving of. The author manages to skillfully evoke the readers' anger at the unfairness of Laure's position. As might be expected from the dedication, this book also explores themes of becoming a "monster". Monsterhood is framed not as a tragedy, but as a reclamation. Laure gains the ability to take the power she deserves. This ability is often compared to the power of those around her. I truly cannot do the themes of this book justice.

If you enjoy books about imperfect characters, building a community of those like you, becoming a monster being praised, and nonhuman entities, this is the one for you.