Odd but still good

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This book was confusing from the start because it starts off with ballerinas. I thought it was a horror novel but the first chapter is ballerinas...anyways I then made it to the 32% mark and fell in love with the darker aspects of this book and how it really feeds into the horror genre without being too scary...because as a person who does get scared easily surprisingly this book wasn't that bad. I mean it was creepy and odd but I didn't hate it. I did also listen to the audiobook ARC I got from Netgalley and that helped because the sound effects and voices in that are so creepy yet so good and really helped bring the story to life. The cover is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to have it sitting displayed on my shelf. I did think that for a debut it was a really good start to a career. The character development and plot developments were really well thought out and made sense.