I cannot recommend this enough

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This is a fantasy horror set in Paris with a focus on the world of Parisian ballet. Laure, out main protagonist, is immediately relatable as a young black girl. She is overlooked, despite her talent, only has one real friend, and doesn't fit in with the rest of her peers. The fact that she's so outcast, and the fact that she is influenced by someone who is literally living her dream, gets her to become the monster she never realized she would become.

I loved the writing style of this book and was so immersed the entire time. I think one of the best parts of this was how ambitious and cutthroat our main character was and how she grew into the person she wanted to be. I fully wanted her to succeed in everything she wanted to do.

Another thing I loved about this book was the way it showed how cutthroat the entertainment industry can be (The world of ballet technically speaking but it applies to the rest of the entertainment industry as well) as well as how it tends to exclude black girls and other girls of color even when we are exceptional. Laure was on course to take over the world of ballet and they used her just to spit her back out.