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Thank you to Bookish First and the publisher for a finished copy of this book, as well as Netgalley for an ALC which is what I read!

Laure knows what she deserves: a spot in the Paris ballet, adoration, and respect. But fed up from the discrimination that keeps her from rising to the top, she stumbled into a pact with a god: her blood for power. The power works, but when her friends start dying, she realizes she still won't get what she deserves... unless she takes it.

Ohh what a great read for those who want to watch the world burn. I loved Laure slowly (not so slowly?) Turning into an unapologetic villain as she comes to the conclusion that no one will give her her due. The blood and compulsion is so fun to read and obviously I am rooting for her the whole way.

Please give me more books with determined Black girls burning down the systems and not looking back. I loved it.

I wasn't super into the romance and it was kind of a take it or leave it situation, but it wasn't bad. I wanted more interactions with her best friend and more diving into what their friendship had been like before. There was some but not enough for me to really feel for what ends up happening.

I loved the writing style and the voice! Also the audiobook narrator does a fantastic job!

I think this book is going to have a sequel? Fingers crossed!!!

Cw: blood, injury, ritualistic self harm, murder, death, racism, classism