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Started Well, Ended Badly

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How to Walk Away takes off beautifully detailing what it's like to have your life changed in an instant, but then it crashes and burns.
Margaret Jacobsen is literally on top of the world when her boyfriend proposes to her during a two-man flight. But her happiness is suddenly crushed when the plane crashes. Margaret must now learn to live with the idea that she may never walk again and insurance will only pay for about six weeks of hospital care.
The first half of the book is brilliantly done. While I've never been paralyzed, I have a chronic illness that changes the way people look at me. I felt Margaret's pain and understood her struggles to move on. I tore through the first half so happy to have someone to empathize with over these emotions and situations.
But then I had to struggle to get through the second half. It became romance centered and how she used those feelings to better herself. Sheesh. This is just bad and insulting. Even worse, in one the final chapters, the writer tries to get feministic by saying a man wasn't how she moved on, but then a romantic comedy ending happens and that just makes those paragraphs hypocritical.
I don't recommend this book. This isn't how it happens; Romance doesn't magically make the life of someone with a disability wonderful and magical. The author tries to balance the romance with a worthwhile goal for the main character but it's just a shadow, a second thought. The only reason this gets three stars is that the beginning was so good.