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Have you experienced something that changed the trajectory of your entire life? Well that is exactly what happened to Margaret Jacobsen. She is unofficially offered a promotion, has a wonderful boyfriend, and is ready to settle down. But one accident leaves her with a life altering injury. The future as she saw it was taken away. She is left with a decision to wallow in self-pity or find the strength inside her to overcome obstacles she never thought she’d have to encounter and find a new normal. She has to rebuild her life and accept a new lifestyle. But can she? And who will be by her side throughout this journey?
The character development in this book was so outrageously good, I felt like they were real people. And maybe somewhere out there, this story is as true to someone’s life as ever. Kitty won me over with her attitude and spunk and I fell in love with Ian’s Scottish accent. Through a book. Yep. 🤷🏽‍♀️. This is as much about romance as it is about hardships. It’s a story of hope and resiliency. I literally felt like I was on the same journey as Margaret and living through her very same setbacks and successes. Center had me laughing out loud and crying with the dialogue that she created. This book gave me all the feels. Literally. All. The. Feels. If anyone needs a spark of hope and courage, this is the book for you.