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This book was ALMOST a 5 star!! I adored almost everything about it! The writing, the characters, the development and journey of Margaret ... gah!! I was here for it! I was invested! I listened on audio and I wanted to keep listening and see what was going to happen next (even for the parts that were predictable)! I hated the boyfriend/fiance/ex Chip - gross. Go away. (But he was a well written character!) My ONE COMPLAINT and it's a BIG one ... WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYY did there have to be fat shaming?! There is literally a character who they all call "Fat Benjamin" for almost the ENTIRE story. It really wasn't needed. He could have easily had a different nickname. I cringed every time I heard it and it was such a bummer. I found it to be very annoying and not needed. But otherwise it's a great, sweet story of courage, acceptance, growth, grit, and romance!