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I received How To Walk Away by Katherine Center from SheSpeaks. I was so excited to have the chance to read this book because I have read and enjoyed books by Katherine Center in the past. How To Walk Away was so good that I called it my new favorite book! I know it’s cliché, but this book literally made me laugh out loud as well as brought me to tears. The book begins with a riveting description of a horrible accident that changes everything for Margaret. Margaret is a strong and capable woman who has to deal with changes beyond her control. While she feels like she has lost everything in her life that is important, she learns to live in her new reality and finds new people who treat her the way she deserves. The relationship between Margaret and her sister Kit is a lot of fun to read, and the way they bond with Ian the physical therapist is heartwarming as well. I loved the ending, which was as funny and sweet as could be!