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Listen To Your Heart

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Listen to Your Heart

I listened to How to Walk Away by Katherine Center on audio CD. The premise for this novel intrigued me. However, I did find it predictable and a little lengthy at times. My rating would be a 3.5 if I had been offered half stars.

The novel, How to Walk Away, began when Margaret Jacobsen and her long time boyfriend, Chip, went for a ride on a small private plane. Chip had been getting his pilot's license and he was very close to obtaining it. Margaret was excited about this date with Chip because she suspected that Chip was going to propose to her. She pictured in her mind that they would go to a romantic restaurant. It never entered her mind that Chip planned to take her up in a plane. Margaret had a real fear of flying and Chip knew that. Somehow, though, Chip persuaded her to go up in the plane with him. Just as he was about to propose things started to go wrong. Chip had spelled out the words MARRY ME on a beach that the plane was flying over. Chip was having trouble locating the exact spot and Margaret could not see what he wanted her to see. Then they flew into severe weather and the next thing they knew was that the plane had crashed. Chip was able to climb out of the plane without a scratch but not Margaret. Her legs were pinned and then the plane began to burn. Margaret suffered devastating injuries from this horrific accident and now had to learn how to live the rest of her life with what life had dealt her.

I sometimes felt that the character, Margaret, was too positive and perky. I'm not sure how I would react to this life altering injury. Feeling sorry, mad or depressed were not emotions she showed very much, though. It did make me reflect on what we sometimes take for granted. Life can change in a drop of a hat. It is important to appreciate what we have every day. I would recommend this book and I might seek out other books that Katherine Center has written.