Heartbreaking and beautiful

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I just finished How to Walk Away by Katherine Center, and oh my this book almost unglued me. It is heartbreaking. Completely, shatteringly heartbreaking. But it’s also so helpful, and uplifting and inspiring. I love the main character, Magaret, she is real and less than perfect, but watching her grow throughout the book was incredibly satisfying.

Take a look at the synopsis below, but in a nutshell, Margaret is in a plane crash with her boyfriend on the night he proposes. She spends time in hospital after that, discovering who she really is, what she wants, and how to cope with her new life.

Funnily enough, it was the ‘bonus story’ at the end of the audiobook, from the rescue firefighter’s point of view, that almost broke me completely. So many little details that added beautiful color to the start of the book.

As I mentioned, I listened to the audiobook on Libro.fm and it was just wonderful. Therese Plummer does a fantastic job of bringing the story to life. She also narrates Things You Save in a Fire (also by Katherine Center).