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All I can say is. . . I regret entering this giveaway.
I mean, I do feel bad saying that. I mean, I've written stuff before. I've even ventured to write my own novels and succeeded on more than one occasion. I know how hard it is to write a novel, let alone a quality novel that's written well and has good characters, plot, and themes. So I applaud Aislinn Brophy for her efforts with this. It's not easy, and kudos to her for actually getting something out there.
That having been said. . . yeah, this just was not a success for me. The characters were poorly developed. They felt flat and stereotypical and reasonably cliche. The dialogue was awkward, and the plot really failed to draw me in. It just felt very childish and silly a lot of the time. . . and, I mean, fine, it's a YA book. But I usually like YA. This was just cringey a lot of the time.
All in all. . . not the best book I've read in a while.