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High school witch Shayna Johnson aims to be this year's awardee of the prestigious Brockton scholarship, a sure ticket to a licensing college that will greatly help to achieve her dreams that is to work as a licensed witch and give the best life for her parents.

But there are people who block her path - one, Ana Suarez, her academic rival in T. S. school who is the only competitive witch that deserves the scholarship Apart from her; two, Mr. B, T. S. high's resident theater teacher who is only one of the judges for Brockton.

Shayna believes that by honing her potion making skills is the way to edge Ana Suarez who beats her in GPA but soon, Shay will realize that Ana is not the real enemy she needs to battle but powerful forces who are capable of pulling strings without facing consequences.

We finally have sapphic witches as academic rivals and Aislinn Brophy did not hesitate in giving us an amazing teen queer story that is steeped in relevant social issues.

Shayna and Ana are perfect as academic rivals to lovers and the author wrote sweeping queer banter that is perfect for this swoony sapphic romance.

This book also gave another perspective about queer teens experiencing first love and we always want to see them feel and do things that they want.

Regarding the social issues discussed in this book (there are a lot but I won't elaborate on all because that would spoil,) there are times when it felt like there are a lot of things happening. But it's a good kind of problem because we have these things discuss for the readers to be aware of what's happening in the real world.

Here are the content warning as seen from the author's website: grooming, teacher-student relationships, homophobia, and racism

RATING: 4stars