Witchy fun

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Wow, imagine a world where being a witch is so common that you don't have to fear being burned at the stake. This book has a lot going on, with several stories unfolding at the same time. However, the main theme revolves around Shay, who is struggling to maintain her scholarship while feeling like the teachers and staff are conspiring against her. In this world, witchcraft requires a license, and the book explores the reasons behind this requirement. It raises the question of why you need a diploma when you already possess the power. The book makes an interesting point about how a diploma is held in higher regard, even if the person holding it may not be more capable. This quote from the book stands out to me: "Mom's job isn't the best; she makes half as much as her manager but does twice the work because he has a magical license." I appreciate how this Young Adult book incorporates a valuable lesson..