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This was a perfect book for this season. It is funny and cute while also dealing with serious subject matter. Although I enjoyed the book from the start, I found the main character a bit annoying at first. I liked her but she was also so obviously naive and hateful for no reason. For example, her dislike for one of her classmates who from interactions shown in the book seems to be nothing but nice to her. I thought that the magic system was fun and different. I haven't seen a lot of books where everybody has magic that has been 'awakened' but I thought that was a cool concept and almost made it a little bit more realistic, in a way. I thought that the romance was super cute, I really liked the evolution of friendship into romance. I appreciated the representation of a same sex relationship and racial diversity within the cast of characters. I don't know how to go about explaining the conflict without giving away the whole plot, but it involves manipulation from adults onto teenagers and how difficult that can be and I thought it was pretty well done.