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How to Succeed in Witchcraft did not hold up for me, but I think it has a lot of promise and good content for the right reader. I appreciated the diverse cast of characters and enjoyed the magic system, especially the idea of students practicing little magic tricks in their free time to get ahead. Some readers will also enjoy the competitive nature of the main characters relationship. I, however, didn’t connect with their drive to be the top of their class to get into a specific college that is considered the “best” magic college. This is just personal, as I get further from my own high school and college experience, I find it harder to get into the drama of school choices - that while very important at the time, do not matter in the post educational world in the way I was always taught. That said, I think readers closer to the experience will get a lot out of the story and appreciate the struggle to achieve their goals in the face of sexism, racism, etc.