Love it already

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Things I love already:
- The setting. Italy seems like such a lovely place for a tale of gentle magic 💓
- The lore. Why isn't the magic many to be used on creatures? What other kinds of creatures are there? How will she convince others to see a new side of things?
- The character. Our main narrator has a surpassingly clear view of herself and her world in some ways despite being twelve. She recognizes that her family has a certain prestige that affords them privilege that others don't have, and especially impressive is that she does not seem to take that for granted or abuse it. She seems like a kind level-headed person, someone I can cheer for.
-The vibe. This seems like a wholesome feel good story where I can just relax and settle into a lovely little world. I feel like there's not a lot of that available and I am excited for this to be added.