Confusingly interesting

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I was drawn to the book because it talked about magic and I enjoy books similar, (such as Harry Potter, and I did notice the similarities with the mandrake) but I was surprised that I kept reading it even though I was confused by a lot of the words that were written. Whether they were Italian or magical words, I didn’t fully understand what every word meant. I hope there’s an index or glossary included that will help with the confusion!
Confusion aside, I was intrigued by the story. I’m curious to know what happens next. Why does it seem like such a bad thing that Giada wants to heal animals?
The cover seems to be a little childish, but I guess it works if this book is meant for middle grade readers.
All in all, I would still like to continue reading more of this story to find out what happens. Why does the brother get kidnapped, by who, how, etc. I am curious to know why the book is titled “How to Heal a Gryphon”.