Family dynamics

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I enjoyed this book more than I thought that I would. I really liked the First Look provided by Bookish First but when I received the finished copy and tried to read it, I just wanted interested. It took me a while to get into it again but about half way through the book things picked up. This book tells the story of the Goldberg family from the point of view of their youngest daughter, Ariel. As a Jewish family, they are torn apart when their oldest daughter marries a man from India. The book follows Ariel as she tries to navigate her new world and find her own place in the changing times. The author did a good job of writing from the perspective of a 12 year old girl and captures the turmoil that goes along with being that age. The historic moments of that time are mentioned but the book mainly centers around the Supreme Court's decision to make interracial marriage legal. Overall, I enjoyed the main character's growth throughout the story and how beliefs can impact a family.