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Very poignant

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I will always remember how this book made me feel. Everything Biz felt, I felt, which was heavy at times because she is not in a right state of mind. Her father’s death affects her tremendously, and it transcends thru the pages.
Biz is drowning in her own mind—or floating out of it rather—but has people in her life who help her stay grounded. But you can’t always depend on others to feel sane and so Biz is losing herself more and more.

Because of how well the author depicted mental health, it makes me wonder about her own past experiences with feeling connected and disconnected from her own mind and body. Keeping everything inside, as the author shows through this story, is extremely unhealthy and toxic. A dark secret that spreads inside your body will eventually consume you. This is not one of those stories that has a clear storyline with events that stand out because they were incredibly affective or exciting. Much of the story happens inside Biz’s mind because although she has interactions with other people, she is constantly struggling, pondering, wondering, hoping, falling inside her own mind. The reading experience and connection with the heroine are more important than the storyline itself. It’s a character-driven story and a beautiful one at that. Unless you prefer your reads joyful and really fun, it’s not for everyone.