Very intense

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This was a very thought-provoking and intense book to read. It’s raw and honest and an important read, and it provides readers an inside look into what the experience of a person with a mental illness could look like. Parts of Biz’s story were a bit difficult for me to fully comprehend, because I wasn’t sure if she was describing real experiences, as best she knew how, or if she was speaking in metaphors. The author’s writing style for this book made it seem a little like a long ramble of thoughts, which was most likely done on purpose, but personally, it made the book a little bit more difficult to read. It was definitely hard to read about Biz’s struggles throughout the book, because I just kept wishing someone would notice her struggling and help her find her way back to herself. Overall, I’m happy I was able to read about this real experience, but I didn’t really connect with the writing style of the book.