Middle of the road for me

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What I liked:
- mental illness rep
- ownvoices
- The writing is beautiful!!
- LGBT+ rep (kinda)
- platonic, wholesome, & supportive M/F friendship

What I didn't like:
- I was so into this for the first 40ish% but after that it just kind of dragged for me. There was really not much plot happening and what was going on I found really hard to follow. Obviously our main character, Biz, is struggling with some serious mental health issues and she doesn't know what's real which means we don't know what's real, which made for a very confusing reading experience for me. None of this is ever really explained. We also never find out exactly what her diagnosis is which I think was missing.
- While I was glad there was some sort of LGBT+ rep involved (Biz may be bi, possibly ace?, pan- & demisexuality is brought up which is v cool, Biz questions if one of her friends is gay but it's never confirmed), it was mentioned maybe 3 or 4 times and never brought up again. It felt like it was almost just sprinkled in there for the rep and never even thought of again? I dunno. Like most things - could have been gayer.