Just finished this and just wow...

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I've had this book awhile and I don't know how, but it got lost in the TBR pile for too long! This was one of the most heartbreaking, beautiful and beautifully written books I've ever read (and I've read a lot). The characters were so well developed I felt like I felt every emotion with them. I had to stop (no spoilers) but if you've read this you know exactly where I had to stop reading and take a break but if you haven't read it yet, you seriously can't not read this book. It's characters and the story told is something absolutely everyone can relate to in some way which is why it's a must read in my opinion. You'll laugh, cry (a lot), but most importantly is that it is a book that no matter what reminds you there is always hope and life is awful but beautiful all the time. We are all stronger than we know. That's what I got at least and that's more than most books ever written. Read this.