Hard hitting

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There are very few books in this world that so accurately capture what goes on in the mind of someone who is severely depressed and suffers from mental illness.
Biz is such a tortured soul, her father committing suicide when she was young but he still appears to her and tells her stories of their life.
But it doesn't all start tumbling down until Biz makes a mistake and her and her best friend, Grace, are shunned from their group. Grace gets drunk and gets them both arrested.
Biz loses it when Grace is shipped off to a new school with instructions to never talk to Biz again.
Biz tumbles into a dark and foreboding depression where she can't leave her bed and can't bring herself to go back to school where her ex-friends have spread horrendous lies about Biz and Grace.
She struggles to get a grip on the world.

Not only are Biz's thoughts meaningful and have a lot of feeling, but they can also be amusing and funny.

The author has done an amazing job.