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I thoroughly enjoyed the synopsis of this story and so had every intention to give it my full attention. I think mental illness is finally being talked about in literature and people can't ignore it any longer. However the story fell kind of flat for me. I made it through about a quarter of the book before I lost interest. I lost more and more interest. I don't mind a bit of cursing in my YA novels, but I felt the author was really angry at times while writing and so blurted out profanity as often as she could, in some cases one character was calling another character three derogatory names all at once, multiple times! That's just a bit too much for me.

I did however, enjoy the aspect of Biz's father being involved while Biz sorted through her grief and wanted to see how that would play out but wasn't sure how much more of the over the top drama and profanity I was going to read. Unfortunately I didn't care much for this read and wasn't able to finish it but I would recommend it to others who profanity may not offend as much and to those who drama excites.