Great: Realistic & Unsettling

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I don’t know how I feel about this. I devoured it quickly initially. I love parts of it and I can personally vouch for how well it depicts somethings. But then it became harder to read the deeper it delved because of how well it depicts the struggle. 

I was broken between Biz and her mother, the inverted version of me & mine and maybe the future with my daughter.

I did google the movie Biz talked about, and that helped quite a bit with her parents and their relationships. 

How It Feels To Float feels so right, terrifying and hopeful. I’m glad it didn’t go down The Beautiful Mind route. I mean, I loved that movie at the time, but we so need to move on from it.

I’m glad I read it. I hope others read it too. I hope they learn and research and become better. But enjoy it? Eh....perhaps it’s a defense mechanism or just plain anxiety, where as much as I want representation I worry about what the neurotypicals will do armed with it. 
But it is great.

Run Down:
>Exploring sexuality
>Accidental ableism
>Dead father
>Terrible mysterious past
>Slow reveal suicide
>Single mother
>Younger twin siblings
>Breakdown, detachment, hallucinations, edited memory, 
>Motorcycle rides
>Almost drowning
>Running away on a modern coming of age quest
>Cute, friendly, verge of something couple
>Dropping out of school
>Sweet understanding grandma friend
>Photography classes