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Our book club had a fantastic discussion around this book. As a reader who is a bit older than the protagonist, I found myself swept up in some feelings of nostalgia as she attempted to navigate her way through her every day. And after discussing with the group, we realized how much of what was on the surface of what we were reading was probably not what it seemed. We realized she was a fairly unreliable narrator, but not by choice.

In her author’s note at the end, Fox shared some of her own struggles with mental health issues, and explained how she infused her knowledge into Biz’s experience. As a reader who is unfamiliar with the situation, I found it to be incredibly insightful and eye-opening. And our discussion about how characters we’re offering conflicting descriptions of the same situations were Biz’s reality vs others’ realities blew it wide open for me.

I think this is a book that’s important for readers of any age group to read.