Captivating and lyrical

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How It Feels to Float captivated me from the beginning with its lyrical writing and exploration of mental illness. Biz, short for 'Elizabeth', is a teen who is devastated by the death of her dad when she was young. Sometimes, she still sees his ghost. She wants to understand him, but at the same time, is afraid of how similar they may be and frequently feels as if she's floating outside her body. Helena Fox's writing is so beautiful that I didn't want to put this book down and finished it in two sittings.

Biz's grief and sadness feel so authentic, and I felt like I understood Biz's feelings and emotions. I loved Biz's friendships with Grace, Silvia, and Jasper, as well as her relationship with her mom and younger siblings. Her story truly moved me, and I definitely recommend this beautiful YA novel.