Beautifully written

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The authors style of writing is so hauntingly beautiful. The way in which she describes each scene is like poetry and fills my mind with vivid pictures of the story shes telling. I loved this book because it talks about issues and feelings that are not often talked about in today’s society but that should be. She does a very good job at describing and talking about these issues in a sensitive way therefore provoking lots of emotions into me as a reader. This is definitely one of the books you will feel your mind drifting off too in your free time and might end up rereading like i will. The only reason i have not rated the book 5 stars was because the beginning of the book was hard for me to get into. it took a little while but i have no regrets about reading it. I hope that you will read it to and feel the emotions that Abby and the author provoked me to feel.