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This was such a beautiful story! It was so heartbreaking as well. The writing was amazing, it was so beautiful. I could feel the emotions, this book makes you feel. I loved the characters, it was as if I could feel everything that they felt because of the way it was written.

My favorite part about this was honestly just the writing, it’s hauntingly beautiful. The imagery is so vivid, and through. And some parts flowed as smoothly as poetry.

This is the type of book that you find your mind drifting to in the middle of the day or night. It stays with you, you connect to it. It’s a little hard to get into it at first, but as soon as you do, it’s amazing.

I loved the representation, with the mental illness, the LGBT rep, it was kinda there and the relationships overall in this book were great. I loved the friendships, this book really shows to people who can’t seem to understand. That males and females can have a platonic friendship.

Well worth the read!!