A Heavy, Weighed Down Read

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I read this book in about 2 days. It was a quick read, but it was so heavy that it felt like it took a month to pull through. I don’t know if everyone would be able to get through the heavy weight of this book. Biz has felt a disconnect between her and her life for awhile, like she’s floating, but not really feeling anything.

I really liked the quality of this story. Biz’s mental health is a huge component and there’s some great exploring into her psyche. I love that we get to really see and feel her emotions and her complexities. The writing is really wonderfully done. It holds so many emotions and feelings that I could never put into words, and Fox elegantly did it so many times throughout this book. It might seem a little redundant here or there, but I think that it does so to show the depth into Biz’s mentality.

I wish there had been a few more moments of lightness. This book is so weighed down by tough and complex issues that by the end, I was exhausted. I could have used just a break here or there and maybe that’s not realistic, when interpreting such a deep issue, but I was ready to be done when the book was over. It does feel like it drags on by the middle point or it might have you wondering how many more times can we hear the same metaphors over again?

While I liked this book and read through it very quickly, I can easily say this was a one time read. I don’t need to experience it twice to understand what the author was conveying. I do think it’s an important read, especially for those trying to understand or relate to mental issues or gain some mental awareness. It does have some very low points when dealing with Biz’s depression so be aware that this might be a hard read for some people.