A Book Where Biz Is Still With Me Way After I Put the Book Down

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Trigger Warning: Depression, PTSD, suicidal thoughts.

How It Feels to Float is a contemporary YA novel about a 17-year-old named Biz who has seen her father floating around her since she was young, telling her about her life when he was alive. Up until a night at the sand dunes when he suddenly stops. Biz then goes on an adventure to find him again.

The first person voice of Biz, a teenager battling through her mental health, is so beautifully written that I fell immediately in love with her. There are parts where you're not 100% positive that they happened the way Biz shares, but that's due to her floating. As someone who has had her own mental health issues, it's nice to read a voice similar to what goes on in my head sometimes.