Not What I Expected

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I had high hopes for Arvin Ahmadi's "How it All Blew Up". It just fell flat.

I will acknowledge that this is based partially on a true story so it makes the issues I have with this novel a little...odd. The story just didn't seem believable to me. The character didn't seem accessible. An eighteen year old who happens to have a ton of money and can fly off to Rome for months. A bunch of twenty to thirty year olds who make friends with this eighteen year old and they all begin having the summer of their lives. It wasn't something that as an audience member engaged me.

I also was really bothered by the characters in their mid twenties and early thirties hitting on and then one eventually sleeping with the eighteen year old protagonist. Again, I understand this novel is based on a real life story. It doesn't mean though that I thought it was okay. I didn't.

In terms of writing, the story is unique and I really liked that. It's what drew me to the text in the first place. I also loved the uniqueness- a queer character of color is so rare. Still, I can't really recommend this.