I liked and disliked it.

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Similar to my favorite YA LGBT writer, Adam Silvera, this author creates a fun, interesting, and emotional novel, also reminding me of “Call Me By Your Name”. Our main character decides he is unhappy with his current trajectory, after nearly being outed as gay by a high school bully. He travels to Italy, where he makes great friends, eats interesting food, and drinks great wine. The story is also told in an odd first person perspective of his family members speaking about an unexplained incident at the airport. Due to the character’s ethnicity, name, and the book’s title, there is a very strong hint towards Islamic terrorism, which perhaps was the wrong type of branding. I don’t think that this title should have been named so, because it almost perpetuates the Islamic terrorist stereotype.

Aside from strange choices, it was a fun book. I’d consider reading from this author again.