I don't really know what to say about this one.

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There's so much drama in the Goodreads reviews over this one. Some feel the Muslim religion wasn't well represented. I feel like if the description didn't say he was Muslim, I may not have noticed.

Some don't like the group of friends he ran into in Italy. Others feel it was wonderful that he found a group to help him understand himself and help him understand that being gay is totally fine. I feel both of these descriptions are accurate. The friends were wonderful for helping Amir accept himself for who he is. They probably weren't the best examples though. So, I see both viewpoints.

Another passionate opinion was the nipple story. I agree with everyone on that one - not needed and EW!

Overall, I did like this one. As a mom, I wish he had given his parents a chance, but I've never experienced such an intense fear of rejection from being who I am. Really, I feel unqualified to review this book.