Great finding yourself book

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An Iranian family is detained at the airport. During the interrogation a teenage tale of blackmail, coming out, and finding oneself is told.

A perfect book to understand the dissonance between ones identity and culture. Amir felt he couldn’t be himself around his family because of their culture. His growth was apparent throughout the book, and with it his confidence peaked as well. We also got insight into his parents and sister, and how they felt about learning Amir was gay. This book did a great job showing how difficult it is to come out to your family. It was also funny at times and was atmospheric with the Italian culture. The story showed the healing properties of friendship and how a new environment can bring you understanding of self.

“Iranian and gay: as incompatible as Amish people and Apple products.”

“I was still their son. Their brother. Even knowing I was gay- even after I had exposed my whammies, even after the tally system broke down and there were no more points left, nothing else to score - they were still my family.”