An Interesting Take

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I really enjoyed this book. This book covered what it was like to be gay in a religious, conservative family. Faced with the messiness of his life, he runs away to Rome, where he lives up his life and everything goes great, until US Customs comes knocking at his door. Arvin Ahmadi takes stereotypical tropes that can come off as repetitive and such and makes them feel unique. I loved the friends that Amir found in Italy, they were some of the most supportive characters I've seen in books, and they made me very happy. I also enjoyed the fact that Amir did not have a long term romantic interest in this book, and it was centered around himself and his family instead. As someone who was just coming out, it would not make sense that he would find a long term boyfriend so soon after that, especially not before figuring out himself first. I can't recommend this book enough!