An emotional trip to Rome

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A story that alternates between present day and the past. Amir and his family tell their perspectives of what happened before and after Amir's parents tracked him down after skipping graduation and running off to Rome. Amir explains that he is gay and some kids at school were going to show his parents a picture of him kissing another boy if he didn’t pay some money. He panicked and ran off to Rome. The author does a great job explaining how the Muslim culture would have a hard time accepting the fact that Amir is a gay man and that he was in love with another man. He knows if he doesn't pay the kids at school, they will tell his secret and he can't afford to keep paying. He makes his decision and he heads to the airport. The author takes you along on Amir's journey and you experience Rome with him as he finds new friends and avoids phone calls from his family.