A Charming Quick Read

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My favorite part of this book was the humor. I found myself constantly surprised by how funny it was. The references, sarcasm, and overall wittiness of the characters made this an enjoyable read. I was quickly able to tell that the author had a wicked sense of humor.

I think it was a very smart idea to have the flashbacks/ lead up to the events taking place hand in hand with the individual family members detainee interviews. It allowed the reader to see things not only from Amir's perspective but from his family's as well. That added an additional layer to the story.

Amir's struggles were easy to connect to, and made for a poignant story about finding one's self and being comfortable with who you are. I liked reading about all this people that were a part of his journey. I think Neil, Johan, and the group at large offered Amir a chance to figure things out and companionship at a tough point in his life.