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Funny and Sad and Real

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No matter who reads this book, there is going to be something to relate to: a new school, an assigned school buddy who does not seem interested in you but says, "There's the library" when the big library sign can not be missed. There's the common angst of trying to figure out who you are in high school made more tense by being a gay Iranian teen attracted to the supposedly perfect, white-boy jock. There's the common airport security experience of having a bottle of some liquid that is 3.5 ounces of liquid instead of less-than-three made more tense by the fact that your race is one that is profiled as terrorist. First person narrator Amir will make a reader want to turn the pages as fast as possible, without reading too fast and causing a reader to miss a single detail. I used my points to obtain this book. I enjoyed reading the story, but not quite as much as I expected. Occasionally, some scenes or chapters seemed to beg for more development.

Amir segues right into the gay scene in Rome, makes instant friends, and is comfortable with physical relationships. Yet, his unwillingness to be honest about what his family back in America does or does not know about him did not seem to coincide with the rest of his behavior. The book was more of 4.5 for me.