My favorite podcast joins my favorite pasttime!

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I adore Guy Raz's podcast "How I Built This." I only came to it recently, but I've consumed so many episodes in less than a year. The interviews with entrepreneurs about their journey and challenges are deep and inspiring. It gives listeners the sense that they could become entrepreneurs themselves because listeners relate so much to the people being interviewed.

In the same vein, "How I Built This" -- the book -- breaks down entrepreneurship for individuals considering it or on that path. Each chapter considers another tenet entrepreneurs should take on or get rid of, giving a leg up to readers. Examples from Raz's interview subjects over the years illuminate the ideas he espouses and show clearly how they can play out in "real life."

I'm not an entrepreneur, but I was fascinated by all the stories Raz shares in the book and how decisions entrepreneurs make in the early days unfolds throughout the life of their businesses. I highly recommend the book (and the podcast!)!