Add it to your TBR, you won't regret it

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After reading How I Built This by Guy Raz, I have a whole new appreciation for entrepreneurship. Not to say I lacked the appreciation, but it was deepened by reading the tangible tips, quotes and insights from those who have experienced the downfalls and triumphs that naturally come with starting a business of their own. Guy lends his own voice to the journey while periodically quoting relevant excerpts from his podcast by the same name (which I haven't had the pleasure of listening to but will be a new listener moving forward). Each entrepreneur Guy interviewed has their own unique story to share that defines who they are as business owners and really as humans and all the ups and downs they have faced and how they got through them... Or, at times, didn't. A humble, educational, and inspirational read for current and future entrepreneurs but even for those who haven't even considered entrepreneurship before. Add it to your TBR, you won't regret it.
*Thank you to the author, publisher, and BookishFirst for the free copy in exchange for a review*
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